Wednesday, March 10, 2004

My PoKeMoN bRiNg AlL tHe bOyS tHe yArd...aNd ThEy'Re lIkE "wAnNa tRAdE cArDs" hElL yEa i wAnNa tRaDe cArDs...BUT NOT MY CHARZARD!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA! Cait you are the best and i love that lil song...we need to make more parts tho! anyways today was gay as all holy shit and now im online being a loser like always, what are ya gonna do tho. But yea thats it for now

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So yea now im writing in this lil journal thingy again...not by choice but by popular demand. Hmmm im not really sure what i should talk about seeing as how certain people named Dom read it. Not to worry though, i think i can trust him not to tell people what i write about...right Dom? yea thats what i thought. Anyways Today was Laggin bad. Slowest day of my life...Highskool sucks. What did i do today? lets see, ummm i went to school, then went home at 12:20 because im kool like that. Then i went to softball practice at 3...why i dont know, I freakin hate practice like no other. Then i came home waited for my daddy to take me shopping...that was nice of him huh? lol hell yea it was! Oh and when i was in the car back from shopping Joshua called me. Why does he call me? Seriously i dont get it, i think he likes to talk to me about melissa and amanda and tell me how much he likes them...(no good.) But since im supposed to be over all that i act like i dont care and just deal with it cuz theres nothin i can do. Yea sooo thats all i have to talk about right now i guess because theres nothing great happening EVER. Oh yea and Sorry i didnt call you today Dom...I chickened out! yea im a loser i know!

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