Friday, February 27, 2004

WADUP G UNIT! HA HA im great. No one is on aim so i have nobody to talk to...Therefore I will write in this thingamajigger. Soooo today i went to 0 period, wow i was up hella early. After that i went to history, that was just too much fun. Art history was pretty boring as usual, My teacher talking about how we all need to stop doing crack and come to her class more often then she decides that opening the window is a good idea "we need to freeze you guys out" her words not mine. Crazy lady. AHHHH! so anyways then i wasn't so bored because my love sent me an IM on my cell phone...YAY! lol so i talked to him for a bit and then like we started talkin about something and i ended up saying i loved him. So naturally he wanted to know HOW i loved him...? Of course i had no clue what to say to that because i seriously don't know. I do know that i love him for sure as a friend and all but i think i could possibly be IN love w/him which is so not me at all, I've never loved anyone. hmmm this could be or first, or not? well i have no idea what it is all i know is that it is friday night and i am at home being bored off my ass! wat kinda shit is that? no one loves me...and i almost care. But yea i will write back again soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Did you really think that it was over when you hung up the phone
and said goodnight? And did you ever think that it would be
too much? I can't leave without saying goodbye. So did you really
think that you could take it? Could you make it alone tonight?
I never could have hoped for anything more. Be my angel if you
can, alright. You always say goodnight, and you always say goodnight.
So baby did you sleep an hour for me? How I wish I was there
right now. I wasn't going to tell you I could change things.
I'm afraid I never will know how. But I don't really think that
I can take it. Will I make it alone somehow? So hold me in your
arms before I leave you. I'll be back as soon as time allows.
You always say goodnight, and you always say goodnight. Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

so today i went to school and we had to do some project in history and i got to work with my lil buddy cait....yea our project was so fuckin dope! lol. Then i went to all my other classes which were gay as all hell, like usual. During fifth period i tried calling my stupid but he didnt answer the phone :( sad... So i went to softball practice and it got rained out so we only practiced for like about an hour. Then i looked on my cell phone and guess what...i had voicemail from my stupid! YAY that made me really happy. I called him back and we talked but not about anything important (as usual) tear tear. GAWD I WANT HIM....what to do what to do....now i have to go with my daddy to the market but no worries cuz i will update this shit soon!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i wonder if he knows that i like him? i bet he does...it seemed like he likes me back but probably not. i always get my self into this crap where i think i might actually find someone thats just what i wanted then he goes and messes everything up...i always get screwed over i sware to gawd! sooo to you i say thanks for nothing!
so yea im new to this whole blog thing or whatever but i guess im sposed to use this as a lil diary deal...so lets begin...today i went to skool. yea woohoo i barely ever do that. Skool was boring as all hell and now im off to softball practice so later!

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